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Product Roadmap Templates

One of the most important product management tools a software product manager can lean on to communicate product strategy is a product roadmap. The product roadmap is a canvas on which anyone doing product planning can paint a picture of the trends, goals and metrics driving their product strategy, allowing them to tell a coherent story about the vision, growth and evolution of their product, including the steps to get there.  





What’s in a Roadmap?

Roadmaps come in different forms depending on the intended audience. Product managers are expected to evangelise product strategy and planning to both internal audiences across sales, marketing, development and services as well as external stakeholders including customers and partners. Internal stakeholders don’t just care about product evolution, but how product vision is aligned with the corporate goals and culture of the business. These include technology strategy, alignment with market trends and most importantly value and fit for customers. Customers and partners want assurance that the product will continue to support their own business objectives, so in addition to setting expectations on timing, externally facing roadmaps must clearly highlight the innovations, competitive advantages and market trend alignments that will deliver the commercial benefit they expect from buying into your product.
 multi phase product roadmap template 3 stream product strategy roadmap template

It is important to understand that the product roadmap represents a broad strokes view of where the product is going; from a timing perspective this can be anywhere from 12 months to several years. This can depend on several factors such as whether you're practising agile product management versus a waterfall approach with a longer product development cycle. In such a timeframe business objectives and product strategy can and will change, and therefore so too must the product roadmap. For this reason timing is often depicted in large chunks, such as seasonal or even half yearly updates. This ensures that realistic expectations are set for all stakeholders and keeps the focus on product strategy rather than project scheduling. 

How can we help?

Anyone responsible for product portfolio management will appreciate the challenge of building and maintaining a product roadmap that is full of the right details, simple enough for your audience to comprehend and a pleasure for you to evangelise. Having that in a format that’s easy to share with customers and senior management alike really helps too. Like with many things in life, using the right product roadmap tools will help you get the job done quicker, more efficiently and with a better outcome, giving you more time to focus on all the other parts of the software product management process.

In this section you’ll find an extensive range of product roadmap templates for Powerpoint that will help you deliver the right message in the right structure for your intended audience. Whether you’re doing agile planning or looking for long time frame timeline templates we're sure you'll find the strategic roadmap diagram that's right for you. With every product roadmap presentation you will find video instructions on how to create a product roadmap using the selected product roadmap ppt.

Even if you're not specifically looking for a product management ppt, our product roadmap slides and timeline templates are designed to be generic enough for other roadmapping and project planning needs. In almost all business PowerPoint presentations, there is a need for a slide which depicts some sort of project timeline or set of milestones. Whether that's a project roadmap template, a marketing roadmap template, you're doing technology roadmapping or you're trying to message business targets including growth plans, sales and revenue targets, we're confident one of our simple project plan templates will work for you.