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Investment Strategy Templates

An investment strategy refers to a plan and set of principles that is set to help an investor achieve their goals. Investment plans must be clear whilst using historical data and trends to accurately predict why the investment would be a success. Download any of these easy to use investment strategy presentations today. Make a clear, bold statement about how an investment will contribute to your product's growth and success. Varying investment strategies benefit different businesses and products, so our diverse range of investment plan templates can be edited to suit your needs.

Advantages of an Investment Strategy

  • Allows investors to strategically make the most of their investment
  • Can minimise risk through research and by creating a reasonable timescale for expected returns
  • Investors can thoroughly analyse risk factors
  • Allows fair pricing for investors and thus they may be more likely to invest

Types of Investment Strategy

Investment strategies vary depending on the specific market, product and investor. There are a number of different investment strategies, including:

  • Growth investing - focusing on capital appreciation, growth investors focus on companies that they believe will grow in the coming years. However, as with any investment growth, investing has the risk of predicted growth not coming to fruition.
  • Value investing - the principle behind value investing is identifying stocks that are undervalued with the expectation that when the market corrects itself, the investor can make a profit.
  • Income investing - this approach focuses on buying stocks or bonds that are on schedule to give a steady and continuous return. This differs from value investing as you are not buying ‘riskier’ undervalued stocks, but ones that provide dividend or fixed interest income.

View our investment strategy templates for PowerPoint to make an impression on your audience.