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PowerPoint Icon Sets

Add a little extra to your presentation with our PowerPoint icon sets. Icon sets are available in a range of colours and we have various icon collections for different industries and themes commonly used in a professional setting. Adding an icon set to your presentation can truly elevate your pitch. Visual information aids understanding and keeps your presentation clear and concise. Icons are a useful addition to any presentation from SWOT analysis PowerPoints to agile roadmaps.

Available PowerPoint Icon Sets

  • Time and money icons - the perfect addition to any presentation discussing finance, goals and timelines
  • People, places and social - ideal for presenting contact details, team structure and interconnectivity within your organisation
  • Supply chain and logistics - add this set to your pitch to clearly illustrate processes such as delivery, imports, exports and more
  • Industry 4.0 digitisation - for any presentation discussing Industry 4.0, manufacturing and other digital elements within your industry
  • Systems and devices - this icon theme is well suited to any technology based presentation or pitch.