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Five Phase Product Strategy Timeline Roadmapping Presentation Diagram

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Make your next product strategy presentation awesome by using this template to show off your technology roadmap . Use this template as a business roadmap to showcase the key planning phases of your project or strategy plan and the major milestones to get there. Get going with this product roadmap example by editing colours, fonts and text to relect your project goals.

  • Five phase single stream roadmap template for Powerpoint.
  • The template uses a coloured disks on a winding road style for presenting progression over time.
  • All markers are colour editable reflective cicular disks and editable text callouts, all of which can be easily edited for your preferred colour, font and style.
  • Any icons can be easily substituted from our selection of PowerPoint icons.

This is one of many roadmap templates on My Product Roadmap, so be sure to browse our catalog to find the roadmap ppt that’s right for you. Choose this, or any of our other roadmap templates to showcase your technology roadmapping strategy.

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