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Buyer Persona Templates

A buyer persona is a semi-fictional archetype of your ideal customer. Buyer personas, sometimes known as customer personas, are constructed from multiple information sources that help you better understand who they are and what they care about. That includes everything from market research, attending relevant industry events and, most importantly of all, insights learned during face-to-face meetings or conversations directly with your existing customers and prospective buyers. Explore our range of buyer persona templates for professional, easy-to-use solutions for presenting your information.

What is a buyer persona?

A well-defined customer persona captures critical aspects of your buyer's status and thought process, including demographics, behavior patterns, motivations and goals. The more detailed your buyer persona, the better.

Buyer personas provide tremendous insight for driving everything from sales, to product strategies and roadmap investments, helping to highlight the most beneficial investments in time and go-to-market strategy alignment across your business. As a result, your product will be easier to sell, you will become more competitive and you will more easily grow revenues and market share for your product.

A customer persona is important as it helps to ensure that decisions are made in your buyers’ best interests. By tailoring your product or service to your target market, you can create brand rapport with customers thus increasing the likelihood of success. Presenting a detailed customer persona is a key part of the preliminary research for a product, service or business launch. Buyer personas are used to reallocate spend, time and focus onto things that would benefit your customers and therefore engage and encourage them to purchase your product or service.

Discover our customisable buyer persona templates with a range of styles and layouts to choose from. With our simple-to-use, easy to customise and clear templates, you can create the ideal customer persona profile that looks professional and engaging.