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Pitch Decks Templates

A pitch deck is an overview of your business proposal.Although they aren’t usually heavily detailed, they are extremely useful to introduce your business or idea to potential investors, partners or potential customers. Are you looking for a professional and customisable pitch deck template? Explore our range of editable business pitch templates below to ensure you present your business sales plan effectively.

A sales pitch needs to have a clear focus that is presented in an informative yet appealing way, and our elevator pitch templates can help you do just that.

How to create an effective pitch deck

Usually, a pitch deck is around 10-20 slides and relies more on visual aspects than text, which is why using a visually appealing template is a popular option. Although there is no set way to construct a pitch deck, the most common and successful approach is:


          1. Introductions: Explain who you are, why you’re making this presentation
          2. Problem: What issues and challenges do your customers face that you are looking to solve?
          3. Solution: Explain how you are going to solve those problems
          4. Product: What product or service is your business selling?
          5. Market: Who are your potential customers? What opportunities are there in the current market for your product or service to be a success?
          6. Traction: Focus on goals and growth
          7. Team: Introduce staff members who will be working on the project
          8. Competition: Identify who they are, how will you compete against them?
          9. Financials: A deck only needs a summary, but it’s important to project achievable goals
          10. Investment: What do you need from investors and how will these funds be used?


A pitch deck template is particularly useful as it provides a guideline for the deck and leaves you with more time to focus on the content. With an elevator pitch deck template from My Product Roadmap, you’ll receive a fully customisable, professional pitch deck that is sure to impress any audience.