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SWOT Analysis Templates

Discover high-quality, professional SWOT analysis templates for businesses, designed to make your SWOT analysis slides engaging and interesting. A SWOT analysis template allows you to easily present internal strengths and weaknesses of your organisation or business. A detailed analysis can help minimise risks as potential problems can be identified and worked on. It also increases chances of success as you build on the strengths of your organisation. Want to learn more, read ‘What is SWOT analysis?

A SWOT analysis should be clearly structured and comprises of four parts:

  • Strengths - What does your organisation succeed in? How are you different from your competitors? What advantages does your company have?
  • Weaknesses - Identify and reflect on potential shortcomings and remember, be honest!
  • Opportunities - How can your company take advantage of the current market or trends? What are your competitors lacking?
  • Threats - You need to consider your competitors, customers and financial risks.

Ultimately, a SWOT analysis spreads awareness within your company of opportunities and threats to your business plan. SWOT analysis PowerPoint templates from My Product Roadmap are simple to edit and you can amend colour schemes with ease. Explore our range of eye-catching analysis templates today so you can ensure the effects of your business proposal have been thoroughly analysed.