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World Map Templates

Explore our editable world map PowerPoint templates below. World maps are a useful infographic that illustrate geographic information clearly and effectively. Our world map templates available for download feature a diverse range of countries and continents.

The Benefits of a World Map Template

A world map infographic is beneficial to any proposal or roadmap for a number of reasons. Visual aids offer information that grabs the attention and presents geographic data clearly. Statistics, data and information can be presented in relation to countries, continents and other areas of the world for informative and helpful presentations. Information regarding demographics is vital to any proposal and with our editable world map PowerPoint templates you can supply your audience with an elevated pitch.

World map templates are easy to customise with your data and colours, and are easy to insert into your PowerPoint or other presentations. Whether you’re a business presenting how sales have performed internationally, or a charity showing important statistics in different countries around the globe, our world map templates will help you communicate effectively.