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Project Timeline Templates

View our collection of eye-catching PowerPoint timeline templates that can be used to map out any product or project timeline, professionally and effectively. A project timeline is a chronological visual presentation of tasks. It is also important to include estimations of times for how long each task will take. For a successful timeline presentation that is visually appealing whilst informative, look no further than our wide range of timeline graphics and templates. They include 4 to 15 phase project timelines and can be edited at the click of a button. Use any of our timeline slides and templates below to engage your audience.

Project Timelines

A project timeline is crucial to the successful time management of any product launch, new service and other project within your business. They can help a team work together or an individual to meet deadlines.

Project timelines help people visualise three main timeframes: planned time, actual time and in-progress. To meet deadlines and ensure quality releases, a project timeline is useful as it is a collaborative way for the whole team to manage their workload and stay focused on the end goal.

The Timeframe

No matter the length or size of your project, a project timeline is always beneficial. From a week to a year, a project timeline helps to ensure work is being completed at the right pace. We have project timeline templates suitable for short to long projects. Regardless of your timescale, we have customisable timeline graphics and timeline slides to suit your project and presentation.

What does a timeline need to include?

An effective and efficient project timeline should include tasks, dates, durations, assignees and dependencies.

Firstly, your project timeline should have the tasks you need to complete, followed by the start dates and due dates for said tasks. The duration of each task and who they are assigned to comes next, followed by dependencies. Dependencies are tasks that depend on each other ie. task B cannot be completed until task A has been done. Connecting dependent tasks is essential to create effective project timelines on which a team can deliver.

Project timeline templates from My Product Roadmap include features such as twelve phases to cover an entire calendar year, sawtooth linked segments, sequential points styles and more! We have a variety of timeline graphics, slides and templates to suit your company’s style and project’s demands.

How to edit our timeline templates

Our project timeline templates are easy to edit, from customisable icons to changing the colour schemes. All of our PowerPoint timeline presentations enable you to edit the fonts, colours and text so you can reflect your company branding.

Using one of our project timeline templates, you can present a visually stunning timeline without the hassle of trying to do so from scratch. Spend more time on your actual timeline plan and let us take care of the visuals!

Premium Timeline Templates

All our templates are of premium, high quality. You receive a high-quality, eye-catching PowerPoint slide that is sure to engage your audience. The advantage of our timeline templates is that they are really easy to edit and look professional. They don’t just help with presenting your project timeline, but the easy to follow steps help with planning the timelines too!